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Best Fresh Voice 2008

The Female Eye Film Festival

Best Farce 2008

The Broad Humor Film Festival

Madeline Minx is currently in pre-production on her feature film ‘What Do You Thinx of Madeline Minx?’ with Thomas Logoreci (I am a Sex Addict, IFC Films).  Her original screenplay recently won ‘Best Farce’ at the Broad Humor Film Festival in Los Angeles and ‘Best Fresh Voice’ at the Female Eye Film Festival in Toronto.

‘What Do You Thinx?’ is a comedy with musical numbers based on Minx’s real life journey to meet Madonna and become a pop star.  The songs are original Madeline Minx numbers!

Minx had a staged reading of her script at the Electric Lodge Theater in Venice California on May 16th, 2009 presented by The Broad Humor Film Festival.  Please email her for more information about the project.